One of Mitsuagi's bodyguards, he know everything about the Players, EVOL, and ZET. When he and Main In Black A first appeared, they escorted Jin to Mitsuagi's second secret laboratory, in an attempt for Mitsuagi to convince Jin to become ZET. Two years later, when Jin decided to become ZET, they escorted him and Mitsuagi back to the lab only to find it completely wrecked by the second Chameleon Player and Saitou/Rhino Player. While in the lab, He lost his right eye protecting Prof. Kishimoto from the second Chameleon Player. he returned in Mitsuagi's third secret laboratory, where they received their nicknames from Jin. After the laboratory and Amagi mansion were attacked and destroyed by clones of Jin, he managed to escape with Mitsuagi. When confronted by Hayami about Jin, he stood up for him, showing they see Jin as a friend. After Hayami's attempt to arrest Jin, he went into hiding along with Jin, Kouga, Konoha, Mei, Shimura, and Hanae, until Kouga managed to clear Jin's name. Soon afterwards, Jin tells the black suits of Seiji's plan against Amagi Corp., so he join him to stop Seiji and protect a still recovering Mitsuagi. While there, he run into the second Chameleon Player, and after Jin manages to expose the Player's heart, he takes vengeance against the Player's murder of Kishimoto by shooting him in the heart, with Hanae listening over the phone.