EVOL Leader
Evol Leader
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Occupation Leader of EVOL
Affiliation EVOL




The mysterious leader of EVOL, he intends to conquer the world and wipe out humanity. It is unknown what the extent of his power is, though he has the power to keep players from reverting, and his player form was modeled after a wolf (while he was fully organic). He was one of the original 13 Players that rebelled, and the creator of the G2 and G3 Players. He believes that now they are able to create ZET clones, there is no reason to keep Jin alive. After Seiji's declaration of war, the leader reveals himself to be the owner of the EVOL club. When Seiji threatens to destroy EVOL, Seed beheads and attaches the leader's head to itself, and they proceed to presumably kill Seiji, though he is aware that Seiji survived and orders the Sweeper to keep an eye on him. He soon learns of Seiji launching an attack on Amagi Corp., and orders the Sweeper to kill Seiji.